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"Instructor Barbara Schwartz changed

my pie-making life, and she'll

change yours, too."

-Nancy Leson, Seattle food commentator 

and co-host of Food for Thought

Learn how to make your own delicious pie in a fun-filled class, easy as pie!

Barbara will show you how easy it is to make a flaky, buttery crust and a delectable filling.


The class will cover:

     -  the fundamentals of crust-making

    -  the quick and easy technique for mixing           pie dough

    -  pointers for rolling out the dough

    -  decorative techniques to make a delicious         pie beautiful as well

    -  the secrets to favorite fillings


The cost is just $200 per person and covers all of the ingredients, as well as a sample piece of pie to snack on.  The class includes approximately three hours of instruction, and each participant will take home the pie they make.



To register for a class,

please email:




        call: (206) 553-9065


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