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from Easy As Pie students

"Thank you so much for the wonderful class!!  I just loved making the galette.  It turned out better than my expectations.  The only problem was that the sample we took home wasn’t big enough for my husband and daughter, so I made another one.  It turned out just as amazing!!  I really felt like a rock star when they were giving me compliments on the crust.  I can’t wait to make more.  Your class basically revolutionized my thinking.  Everything I had been doing was wrong.  I absolutely love rolling out the dough on the cold pastry board.   I am so happy to learn your technique.

Thanks again for teaching the class!!  I don’t think I will ever make crust any other way!"

Tracey, Bainbridge Island


"Again, thank you for the wonderful pie making class.  Although pies are my favorite dessert, the crust has always been a challenge. Today I made my FIRST EVER ​flaky (top and bottom) pie crust.  You will never know how accomplished this has made me feel.  With the rest of the crust, tomorrow I will be making the mixed berry galette for my family.  Thank you, too, for giving me the confidence to do this!"

Jan, Greenlake

"I was one of your satisfied students this past Sunday morning and wanted to say thank you for a very fun, immensely helpful and very delicious experience!  As I sat and literally savored my still-warm galette on the ferry back to Bainbridge, I felt a total sense of well-being, from my tastebuds to my stomach!  Your teaching style, great organization and upbeat energy were just right for me, and of course the hands-on experience is so essential for us to really get the most out of the class. What a fun way to spend a Sunday morning!"

Donna, Bainbridge Island

"The best part of her class is not only did she demonstrate for us, but we each got to make our own pie and take it home and bake it.  My house is currently filled with the smell of freshly baked apple pie.  It's such a delicious smell, I wish I could bottle it!"

Emily, North Bend

"I have made the chicken and vegetable galette and a pear and apple pie.  The crust came out very flaky and was delicious both times.  Even my boyfriend commented on how good the crust tasted!  Thank you for sharing your passion for pie making.  It made me realize how easy crust-making can be!  I have told many friends about the class and hope they will not only enjoy the class, but realize how easy and fun it can be.  Thank you again!"

Carrie, Redmond

"I absolutely loved your class and look forward to baking more.  Your class gave me the confidence that I needed and so many great tips and recipes, too.  You are an excellent teacher!"

 April, West Seattle

"I took your pie class and came home and made the caramelized onion galette for dinner tonight.  It was a fine success and the best pie crust I ever made!  After years of struggling with different fats, cuisinart vs hand mixed, rolling on marble slabs, frozen butter, even vodka added to the dough, I feel like I've finally learned how to make pie crust!  Thank you for your great organization, clear presentation, and for teaching us the secret subtleties of the perfect crust."

Barbara, W. Seattle

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